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Animal Production

cattle breeding

Breeding Dairy Cattle

The most important project of İLCİ Çiçekdağı Agricultural Enterprise  In Breeding Dairy Cattle Breeding, a total of 3360 cattle have been reached in the first stage, with a milking capacity of 1600 cattle, and this project has been carried out with the use of the latest technologies. In line with the planning, next year this capacity will be increased to 6300 cattle in total, including 3,000 dairy cattle.

This facility, which tries to meet the need for male calves in livestock farming, provides breeder (certified) breeding (certified)  to local farmers in the medium term. aims to start selling dairy heifers. Thus, a significant contribution will be made to reducing one of the important import items of our country.

Cattle Breeding

The operator's goal in livestock farming is to produce meat and meat products that are healthy, of high quality and at reasonable prices.  To achieve this goal, as of now  The fattening facility with a capacity of 2,000 cattle has been completed, and livestock  activities continue.

In this area, it is aimed to increase the fattening capacity of the enterprise to 5,000 cattle. İLCİ Tarım's projection in the first 10 years is to establish Meat and Milk Integrated Facilities and contribute to the economy of the country and the region.

Sunrise at Sığır

sheep farming

Breeding Dairy Sheep

In our country, the rotary milking system, one of the modern milking systems, was installed in our enterprise for the first time in order to increase efficiency in sheep farming. In this way, a serious move has been made in industrial sheep milk production, which is a significant need in our society.

Additionally, 3000  The breeding project to create an elite herd with sheep capacity has been supported by TÜBİTAK since 2009. With these studies, a "large-scale breeding based on selection in Awassi sheep" study was implemented in collaboration with Selçuk University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. At the end of the project, a new elite herd with higher milk yield will be created in the enterprise.

Sheep Breeding

As of this year in business  Fattening activities for a total of 3000 sheep and goat lambs, especially Akkaraman and Kıvırcık and Romanov hybrid sheep breeds, are also carried out. In this way, our people contribute to the production of quality and healthy sheep meat.

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