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Crop Production

Vegetable production in the enterprise is carried out under dry and irrigated conditions. Certified seed production of Tarm 92 barley variety is carried out in the fallow grain system on a total area of 9,500 decares in dry conditions.

Our History

The farm was established in 1942-1943 on 24010 decares of land within the agricultural combines. Later, 7,635 da of this land was distributed to the local people and the remaining 16,375 da of land remained within the State Production Farm.

This enterprise was later incorporated into the established General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises (TİGEM) and agricultural and animal husbandry activities continued.

Çiçekdağı Agricultural Enterprise was leased for 30 years on 24.12.2004 to engage in agricultural activities. Immediately after the repairs and renovations and the completion of the Seed Facility, the official opening of the Enterprise was held in July 2005 with the participation of our Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Mr. Mehdi Eker.


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Integrated Facility

Crop Production

Grain Production

Certified seed production of the Tarm 92 barley variety, which is currently produced in a fallow grain system in an area of 9,500 decares under dry conditions, will be gradually replaced by barley production. In addition, under the ecological realities of the enterprise, a vetch + barley mixture / barley rotation system will be used for the purpose of gradually producing quality forage. .

Forage Crops Production

In order to meet the increasing need for quality forage and to improve the soil in the enterprise, sainfoins were established on an area of 2000 decares in dry conditions last year, 1700 decares of which are used for roughage and 300 decares for seed growing. Sainfoin production will be increased in the enterprise within a certain program.

Artificial Pasture

Artificial pasture has been established in an area of 450 decares in the enterprise in order to make more efficient use of non-cultural land and to reduce feed inputs for the nutrition of animals. In order to ensure that lambs and young cattle are fed in these areas healthier and for a longer period of time, the pastures are irrigated in the short term and the artificial pasture areas are increased to 800 decares. It is planned to be removed.

Animal Production

Breeding dairy cattle

In Breeding Dairy Cattle Breeding, which is the most important project of İLCİ Çiçekdağı Agricultural Enterprise, a total of 3360 cattle have been reached, including 1,600 cattle with milking capacity in the first stage, and this project has been realized with the use of the latest technologies. In line with the planning, next year this capacity will be increased to 6300 cattle, including 3,000 milking cattle. This facility, which tries to meet the need for male calves in livestock farming, aims to start selling breeding (certified) dairy heifers to regional farmers in the medium term. Thus, a significant contribution will be made to reducing one of the important import items of our country.

Cattle Breeding

The operator's goal in livestock farming is to produce meat and meat products that are healthy, of high quality and at reasonable prices. In order to achieve this goal, a fattening facility with a capacity of 2,000 cattle has been completed and livestock farming activities continue. In this area, it is aimed to increase the fattening capacity of the enterprise to 5,000 cattle. İLCİ Tarım's projection in the first 10 years is to establish Meat and Milk Integrated Facilities and contribute to the economy of the country and the region.

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The key to perfection lies in diligent work. In our company structure, where we combine experience with innovation, we attach special importance to every detail to deliver excellent results thanks to a strong organization, effective team cooperation and a trust-based approach.

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