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Research Projects

Research Projects

In addition to agricultural production activities, İLCİ Çiçekdağı Agricultural Enterprise, by eliminating the lack of infrastructure personnel as of 2007, applied to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and became entitled to become a "Special Research Institute" in the Field of Field Crops. Materials were collected from domestic and foreign sources for many species, especially barley and forage crops, and variety development studies were started by selection method.

In line with the principle of supporting R&D studies and working together in all areas of agricultural production, joint studies are carried out with universities and research institutes in our country. In this context, TÜBİTAK  Within the framework of TEYDEB projects, a biogas project was launched in 2008 in order to reduce the environmental damage of animal waste and to use energy production and its final output as fertilizer on business lands and to set an example for regional farmers in this regard. has been started. This project will be completed by the end of this year and the biogas facility will be put into operation and an estimated 400 kW/h of electrical energy and 400 kW/h of heat energy will be produced. This is a very important and exemplary step for sustainable plant production.

In addition, the "Sustainable Second Product Silage Corn Research in Central Anatolia" project, supported by the General Directorate of Agricultural Research (TAGEM), was launched in 2009 and the "Reduced and Zero Tillage Agricultural Research in the Irrigated Conditions of Central Anatolia and Transition Regions" project was launched in 2010. No-till agriculture studies, which have been carried out in the enterprise for the last three years and have yielded positive results, continue.

In addition, the breeding project to create an elite herd with a capacity of 3000 sheep for the purpose of industrial sheep milk production was supported by TÜBİTAK (TEYDEB) in 2009. has started, and within the framework of the project, a "large-scale breeding based on selection in Awassi sheep" study is being carried out.

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